Educational Ties
There are many ways you can connect Aaron's songs to curriculum. One of the most obvious way is through the Manitoba Science Curriculum Framework. The theme of Canadian wildlife connects with: The theme of Canadian wildlife connects with:
Here is some information about the wildlife highlighted on Aaron's albums. Most of the information is from the Canadian Wildlife Service Hinterland Who?s Who Website:
From Aaron's CD, Call of the Wild:
Our Three Bears: Black Bears I'm A Wolf Hear My Howl: Wolf
King of the Woods: Moose Beaver in My Backyard:Beaver
Little Chipmunk: Chipmunk Buffalo Run: North American Bison
Call of the Wild: Loons Swimming With An Orca: Killer Whale
Canada Goose: Canada Goose Porcupine: Porcupine
Sammy the Skunk: Striped Skunk Bumblebee: Wikipedia: Bumblebees
Gulp It's Hisss...tory: Western Garter Snake Manitoba's Narcisse region in the Interlake is world famous for its snake dens. Check this out: Video

From Aaron's CD, Get Off The Couch:
What Makes a Woodtick Talk: Woodtick: Facts About Ticks  

From Aaron's CD, Canadian Critters:
Great Grey Owl: Great Grey Owl Robbie Raccoon: Raccoon
Bobcat: Canada Lynx Little Red Fox: Red Fox
Skoki the Grizzly Bear: Grizzly Bear Wapiti the Pumpkin Elk: Elk
Carcajou/Wolverine: Wolverine Mountain Lion/Cougar: Cougar
Narwhal: Narwhal Bighorn Sheep Blues: Mountain Sheep
Caribou: Caribou Maggie Mosquito: Mosquito

From Aaron's CD, Think Green:
Hudson the Polar Bear/Polar Bear Blues/Churchill: Polar Bears  

Skoki a grizzly bear at the Calgary Zoo, is just one of six rescue bears to have found refuge at the zoo since 1966. To learn more about him, visit the Skoki page.

Activity Book

The Call of The Wild activity book was created by classroom teacher, Kim Burnett (yes, she is Aaron's wife), to be used by children ages 7 to 12. It contains high interest facts and information about the 15 Canadian animals on Aaron's CD as well as math puzzles, American Sign Language, jokes and riddles and musical notation to Aaron's songs. The activities are curriculum based with consideration given to the multiple intelligences for fun and educational learning. Sadly the book has sold out but you are welcome to use these fun activities to enrich your child?s learning.

Have fun with some samples below.