Brand New Release Think Green now available!!

13 new original songs about some of our planet's endangered species, our water resource, carbon footprint, energy, and the concept of reduce, reuse and recycling. A Manitoba connection with songs about Churchill and Hudson the Polar Bear.

Wild Child Compilation

'Wild Child' - the Recess Music album CD compilation of various children's artists on the 'Celebrate Earth Music Series'
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'Little Folk' Winnipeg Folk Festival

A participatory music class for young children beginning age 2 and up. Children learn to sing along, dance, do fun actions and American Sign language during the 45 minute classes. Winter dates are January 21, February 4, February 25 and March 3, 2012. For more information contact the Winnipeg Folk Festival at 231-0096 or visit

The Get Off the Couch Energizer Videos

Aaron Burnett, Ace Burpee, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Winnipeg in motion are pleased to present you with the Get Off the Couch Energizer! DVD.

CLICK HERE to download copies for your own use! 

We hope you enjoyed the videos!  Here's what some other folks think about the GOTC Energizer:  

"It's a great way to start your day as it gets the blood pumping and your brain working!  
     ~ Kim Burnett, grade 5/6 teacher at Chapman School

"It gets your heart rate up and it gets you get ready for your day ahead"
     ~ Kyle, grade 6, Chapman School

"I think teachers should use 'Get Off the Couch' to teach kids to be active and not to just lie around.  It also encourages adults to start to get active too"
    ~ Shaelee, grade 5, Chapman School

"I think that teachers should use it because it helps you to get motivated to get some exercise.  Dancing too, or even with this could get you more exercised and just help you have fun!"
     ~ Mckenzie, grade 6, Chapman School

Curricular Connections

  • PDF small CLICK HERE to download PDF copy of Grade 5 Specific Learning Outcome Connections for the GOTC Energizer (95 KB) 
  • PDF small CLICK HERE to download PDF copy of Grade 6 Specific Learning Outcome Connections for the GOTC Energizer (105 KB) 
  • Teachers are also encouraged to make curricular links to Arts at 

Get Off the Couch Musical Notation

PDF smallCLICK HERE to download PDF of the
Get Off the Couch! Energizer musical
notation (25 KB)

Musical Notation provided by:

Dave Fisher, musician and music instructor (Calgary AB.)

The Get Off the Couch Energizer DVD was produced by: